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Get the front row seat to a new Podcast Series by STEK USA

Off the Roll, a podcast by STEK USA features unique insights from the installer-owner-automotive-enthusiasts team that runs STEK USA, by spreading helpful knowledge gained through our own experiences, in an effort to better our industry and to benefit your vehicle owning experience. Our Off the Roll podcast is available on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

We have many topics to cover, experts to bring-in, and places to go but we’re excited to start at our STEK-USA headquarters and roots. To kick things off we sit down and discuss one of the most important topics we want to support positive growth of, pricing. You can watch below but in summary, do good work and charge good prices.

If prices are very low, it is hard to ensure quality for your customers and a safety buffer for your business. As experience and quality of your work grows, so should your prices. The combination of quality craftsmanship, responsive and informative customer service (heavy focus on education), and delivering on realistic expectations are tools that can help you earn higher prices in your business. Be careful discounting your work to compete with those that under-cut, and encourage your local competitors to come together to raise the minimum bar.

We wanted to continue by introducing each of our team that lives the STEK revolution and are responsible for providing you the STEK experience every day. On Episode 2 of Off the Roll, we sit down with Robert Golis, the Lead Factory Paint Protection Film Trainer for STEK USA. Robert stepped in to help create our Intro to PPF Training Class Curriculum from scratch and has now trained over 400 students from across America and surrounding countries.  

Robert has done a fantastic job fulfilling his role as trainer as well as support each student with a personal attention and care that does not go unnoticed. Hear more about what this experience has been like from Robert himself in the video below!

Before getting too ahead of ourselves, sit down with the founders, owners, President and Vice President of STEK USA to hear about how they went from a couple of childhood friends to enduring business partners. John Kleven (President) and Benjamin Nussbaum (Vice President) are both extremely talented at what they do, and have worn many different hats that have helped excel the growth of their early companies and STEK USA alike.

On Episode 3: STEK USA History, we hear first hand about the owners beginnings in the automotive industry, with some time at local dealerships and around race teams out of school, to opening their once humble Metropolitan Detail, what it looked like to scale that, and how the very unique opportunity for STEK USA came around.

They show strong passion and perseverance for what they believe in and had vision for. As a result, they tell us how they gained rights to STEK’s distribution and remain hands on as an inherent part of STEK’s continual growth, and the mutual success we seek for our network of installers alike.

Thank you for checking out our new Off the Roll Podcast, we hope you found it insightful. We have more excellent content to come, important industry topics to discuss, and guests to join us in the coming weeks! New episodes are live the first and third Friday of every month at 7am PST.

Have a topic you want us to cover? Send us an email to let us know!

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