Paint Protection Film

Creating a standard of excellence.


DYNOshield provides you with our proprietary hydrophobic and gloss-enhancing top coat for those seeking a top-performing protective film for their car or truck. Hydrophobic, self-healing PPF.


DYNOmatte instantly turns any surface into a beautifully protected matte finish. Self-healing and hydrophobic, this film is an automotive and home decor favorite.


DYNOmight is 25% thicker for those that need an extra durable paint protection film for track and offroad use.


PROshield gives you Paint Protection with incredible gloss and a self-healing top coat at a price that fits your budget—recommended as an OEM film.

Why choose STEK for your car protection?

STEK is passionate about innovating film technologies that make having PPF installed on your vehicle more enjoyable. Our DYNOseries automotive protective films use our proprietary hydrophobic and self-healing liquid topcoat. The benefit of applying our topcoat as a liquid is superior optical clarity and smoothness; there is much less orange peel when compared to others.

This fundamental understanding of film manufacturing has allowed STEK to lead the cosmetic protective film market with our Fashion Film series, true TPU-based plastic automotive protection films that will stop paint damage while giving you the color choice of your dreams or a carbon fiber pattern that looks realistic enough to convenience professionals it’s real. Each of our colors uses automotive-grade paints to provide an unmatched richness and depth, making the film look as good as a professional paint job, without the fear of new rock chips. From our DYNOblack and DYNOgreen, to DYNOdamascus, there is something for everyone!

Each of our DYNOseires paint protection films comes with a 10-year manufacturing warranty against defects in material, bubbling, yellowing, or cracking and each of our PROseries PPFs comes with a 5-year warranty.

What package do I get?

When it comes to protecting your new vehicle, you have a lot of options. One of the most popular packages offered is a full front end, where our protective wrap goes over the front half of the vehicle, including your front bumper, hood, fenders, and mirrors. This full-front PPF package will stop the vast majority of rock chips and other damages from debris these high-impact areas otherwise are subject to suffer from. If you’re looking for complete peace of mind, we recommend opting for full-body paint protection film coverage. This will be the ultimate defense against anything thrown at your vehicle, whether you are daily driving, track racing, or off-roading. If you want to protect your new car but have other restrictions, a partial front end will get you PPF on the front bumper and then 18″ – 30″ up your hood and fenders, stopping the majority of common rock chip impacts.

How is PPF going to look over my paint?

If you’re in the market for Paint Protection Film, you may be worried that it will turn yellow, crack over time, or have more texture than your OEM paint. These are all legitimate concerns for old films and other brands that do not have the same innovative technology in their PPFs that STEK does.

Given the liquid-applied topcoat STEK uses, your factory paint will be enhanced to an extremely smooth and glossy finish (or matte if selecting our DYNOmatte PPF). The high level of clarity STEK PPFs offer means if you have metallic flake in your paint, our PPF will still allow the metallic finish to stand out. Our goal is to help make it as easy as possible to be proud of your ride, and for many of us that’s keeping it in its original condition and protecting the OEM paint by giving it world-class protection with STEK PPFs.

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