Fashion Film

We didn’t meet the standard, we created it.

Innovation, Creation, Protection.

STEK Fashion Films are true Paint Protection Films (TPU-based plastics) that offer your car’s paint durable protection against rock chips and scratches while changing the color of your car at the same time. As one of the first innovators in this space, we offer a large variety of colored paint protection films and patterned films all with an extremely high-quality finish. From blue paint protection film, to matte black film, and color-shifting metallic flake PPF, STEK has you covered.

Focused on quality, each of our color protective films are derived from high quality automotive grade paints, which means the color tones and depth in the finish of each our colored fashion film PPF’s are phenomenal. We’ve had multiple STEK installers complement the quality and look to use our colored PPF’s as an alterative to repainting or respraying cars.

Our passion for innovation can be seen in the variety of patterned films we offer, unique to STEK. Our DYNOcarbon-gloss is one of the most real-looking carbon fiber films for cars available on the market today. These patterned protective films include forged-carbon fibers, Damascus patterns, and traditional carbon fiber films have to be seen in person to really be appreciated. Each STEK fashion film comes with a 10-year warranty so you only have to make a one time investment. If you need inspiration for your project, check out what our friends at MG Detailing in Pennsauken, NJ have been doing.


DYNOblack-gloss transforms any color paint into a protected high-gloss black.


DYNOblack-matte infuses our signature true black coloration into our exclusive matte finish.


DYNOcarbon-clear is transparent allowing it to transform any panel into a matte carbon fiber pattern, the same color as your paint.


DYNOcarbon-matte infuses our signature true black coloration into our exclusive carbon pattern.


DYNOcarbon-semi-gloss’s subtle gloss finish provides elegant, polished style.


DYNOcarbon-gloss combines a timeless sheen with our striking carbon-fiber pattern, offering distinctive flair.


Transform your vehicle’s interior and exterior with a transparent (color-matching) Damascus-steel look with DYNOdamascus-clear.


DYNOdamascus-black infuses our signature true black coloration into our exclusive damascus pattern.


Enjoy a molded forged-carbon look in a wrap with our DYNOforged-matte PPF!


Enjoy a high-gloss forged carbon fiber look with incredible depth in the finish with DYNOforged-gloss.

DYNOforged-red wine

Transforms any original color into a deep red wine forged carbon fiber with a high gloss finish using STEK’s DYNOforged-red wine.


Our DYNOforged-metal offers a more silver appearance with a high gloss finish for the ultimate design choices.


Our DYNOcamo-black and DYNOcamo-gray offer paint protection with a stunning shifting pattern effect, available in gray or black.


Enjoy years of outstanding protection and a dazzling look using our bright red film, DYNOred.


Transforms any original color into a sleek and polished chalk gray color using our DYNOgray film.


DYNOwhite is a neutral classic that adds a luxurious touch to any project. White metallic flake film.


DYNOprism gives you a beautiful and eye popping multi-color prismatic metal flake finish. Hydrophobic and self-healing, paint protection film has never been so fashionable.


DYNOpurple is a midnight purple PPF that transforms any color paint into a dark high gloss, purple finish.


DYNOmiami-blue is our blue paint protection film for cars and trucks. Take the beach with you with our classic blue protective film.

STEK Green Paint Protection Film on Porsche 911


DYNOgreen is our British Racing Green paint protection film that turns any color car into a rich emerald green.

DYNOchrome-black matte

DYNOchrome-black matte gives your vehicle a sinister matte metallic gray color. Release date to be announced.

DYNOchrome-blue matte

DYNOchrome-blue matte offers a stunning blue metallic color with a matte finish. Release date to be annouced.

Coming Soon

Want to see something else?


DYNOstorm offers our lightest 50% VLT and a gray color tone for a subtle smoked headlight or taillight look. Protects and ehnances.


DYNOshade gives you a beautifully shaded light making a subtle difference that protects and enhances both lenses and housing.


DYNOshadow offers you a medium darkness with a beautiful charcoal color tone. Perfect for those wanting a sleek and mature look not quite as dark as DYNOsmoke.


DYNOsmoke is the darkest option for those pursuing a stealthy look. Perfect for toning down chrome housing or adding a touch of unique to your headlights, taillights and turn signals.


DYNOyellow is a classic yellow film. Inspired by race cultures across the globe, give your car or truck a track and off-road personality with worthy protection.