Black Paint Protection Film


DYNOblack Paint Protection Films from STEK are a unique innovation designed to transform any color paint into a protected high gloss black or matte black finish. Historically vinyl wraps were the only way to change the color of your car without pursuing new paint but as daily driving hazards do not rest, nor do we. Our DYNOblack PPF offers protection from rock chips, scratches, insect stains, bird droppings, road oils, deicer and salt, and water marks. Making your driving more enjoyable and maintenance easier, a molecular level integration with our advanced HYDROphobe® ceramic top-coat allows this film bead-water and heal itself from minor scratches and damages. Perfect for protecting and creating your one of a kind ride. Welcome to the #STEKrevolution. 


High-gloss black paint protection film.


Matte black paint protection film.