Automotive Window Tint

STEK Window Film Offered in Carbon, Ceramic, and Graphene-Infused Ceramic Series.

Welcome STEK Window Tint. Our passion for innovation, creation and protection continues to our engineering of world class, high-performing, carbon, ceramic, and sputter window tints. Each STEK Window Tint series uses priority technology to get you suburb optical clarity for a high-quality look with lifetime warranties with any STEK window tint series you choose.  

Having a wide range of series (ACTIONseries, SMARTseries, and NEXseries) to choose from with STEK gives you the ability to get exactly the high performance window tint you need. Whether you’re looking for more privacy, skin care and interior protection with our 99.9% UV resistance standard, or the ultimate defense against the heat of the sun with our patent-pending Grapehene techology, STEK Tints have you covered. Continue reading and watch some of our videos on YouTube to learn more!


STEK is dedicated to being your premiere source for all automotive films. Our never-fading Carbon Window Tint, ACTIONseries, provides protection from the sun and styles your ride with a sleek black color. Using Carbon as the base material there is no satellite interference found in some other high-performance window films. ACTIONseries gives you good IR heat rejection and extreme quality using no dyes to produce its rich color.

Action 80

Action 50

Action 35

Action 20

Action 15

Action 05


Our SMARTseries is a nano-ceramic automotive window film designed to reduce solar energy more than Carbon window tints. STEK’s SMARTseries tints provide additional heat rejection compared to those color-stable and other metalized type window tints. These IR rejection benefits allow you to enjoy driving comfortably with less strain to your car, truck, or EV’s AC system all year long.








NEXseries is our premiere heat rejection tint blocking up to 98% of infrared light (IR). That makes our NEXseires window tint ideal for those wanting the best comfort in their vehicle possible, no matter how hot it gets outside. With a nice neutral color and various darknesses to choose from, you can increase your cars privacy to the level of your liking while still feeling the ultimate protection against sunshine’s UV and heat with our Graphene-infused window tint, NEXseires.

NEX 70

NEX 45

NEX 35

NEX 20

NEX 15

NEX 05

Dive in to learn more about what tint specifications mean and how we are working to provide you with meaningful numbers. We recently joined the International Window Film Association and are proud to be following their IRER standardization!