Ceramic Graphene-Infused Window Tint


STEK NEXseries window tint is a premium nano-ceramic window film that will never fade and delivers superior clarity and performance. NEXseries is manufactured with graphene to provide maximum-heat-rejection, blocking up to 94.59% of infrared light and 99% of UV rays. Graphene is the same material that high-end electronics manufacturers use to cool batteries, and STEK has incorporated it into NEXseries to now protect you and your vehicle’s interior. See why the NEXseries with graphene is the premium nano ceramic choice for any vehicle. Get your tint now!

Our NEX Window Tint uses Graphene, which disperses heat at an incredible rate. This allows the other ceramic particles in the film to work more efficiently, keeping your interior cooler from the heat of the sunshine. As a result, your AC gets to run on a lower setting to keep you comfortable, putting less strain on your MPG or MPkWh. Not to mention, most EVs have huge windows, so our NEXseries tint can make a huge difference in keeping the interior at a cool temperature without compromising their battery’s charge all year around.

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends our NEXseries for its ability to block 99.9% of UV rays. These UV rays include UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C, the most harmful part of the sun’s spectrum that can cause skin cancer and premature aging. It also means there is less wear on your interior dashboard, seats, and other components, keeping that fresh new car, newer for longer. You can find our Seal of Recommendation on the Skin Cancer Foundation’s website here.

The NEXseries Difference

Premium Performance

NEXseries offers state of the art performance with graphine technology that will appeal to any automotive enthusiast.

Heat Reduction

NEXseries incorporates the heat-rejecting compound of graphene, which helps to cut heat transfer. STEK testing showed heat transfer as low as 1.8*C. It also delivers a Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER) of up to 64%.

UV Protection

STEK NEXseries blocks 99% of the UV rays that can cause skin cancer and other health concerns as well as damage vehicle interiors.

Superior longevity

NEXseries window tint combines high heat resistance, anti-scratch technologies and high elastic adhesives to keep the tint in place and eliminate the commonly found problems of inferior window films.

Installs cleanly

Detail-obsessed manufacturing using only premium base materials creates a tint that is easier to shrink and adheres better than competitive offerings while also eliminating the curling issues they face.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

NEXseries window tint has a limited lifetime warranty against fading, delamination, bubbling and cracking.


20″x 100′ / 40″ x 100′ / 60″ x 100′ — Custom Widths Available

NameVLTIRER (780~2,500)SIRRUV Rej.Glare ReductionTSER
NEX 057%66%93%99%92%64%
NEX 1515%64%91%99%83%61%
NEX 2020%65%92%99%78%60%
NEX 3534%63%92%99%63%56%
NEX 4545%63%90%99%50%52%
NEX 7066%62%91%99%27%46%
NEX 8586%36%56%99%5%28%

IRER is now recognized by the IWFA as the official standard for IR reporting metrics and stands for Infrared Energy Rejection.

Video of full NEX tint getting installed on this Cyber Truck from OCDetailing in Fremont, CA.