ACTIONseries Window Tint

Carbon Window Film


STEK ACTIONseries window tint film is a Nano Carbon tint that provides a stylish look, heat rejection and 99% UV protection. Its quality materials offer superior performance and outstanding color stability. STEK stands behind ACTIONseries window tint with a limited lifetime warranty against fading and peeling as well. Get your tint now!

The ACTIONseries Difference

Heat Reduction

ACTIONseries delivers a Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER) of up to 55% while also providing a shading coefficient as low as .51 to help keep the interior of any vehicle cooler and more shaded. STEK ACTIONseries blocks 99% of the UV rays that can cause skin cancer and other health concerns as well as damage vehicle interiors.

Clarity, Haze & Glare Reduction

STEK utilizes premium base materials and a high-quality manufacturing process to deliver a clearer tint that helps reduce glare. See the road more clearly and with less eye strain

Signal Strength

Nano Carbon construction will not interfere with WiFi, cellular or radio frequencies to keep the navigation and the music streaming.


ACTIONseries blocks up to 95% of light into the vehicle, which can offer a more private driving experience. 

Limited Lifetime Warranty

ACTIONseries window tint has a limited lifetime warranty against fading, delamination, bubbling and cracking


20″x 100′ / 40″ x 100′ / 60″ x 100′ — Custom Widths Available

NameVLTIRER (780~2,500)SIRRUV Rej.Glare ReductionTSER
ACTION 057%49%70%99%92%54%
ACTION 1514%44%61%99%84%49%
ACTION 2019%40%49%99%78%46%
ACTION 3534%38%45%99%62%38%
ACTION 5045%36%38%99%50%32%
ACTION 8078%38%46%99%13%32%

IRER is now recognized by the IWFA as the official standard for IR reporting metrics and stands for Infrared Energy Rejection.