Extra durable, glossy, self-healing, and puncture resistant Clear Bra.


DYNOmight is our answer to those who need an extra durable paint protection film. It shares the same high-gloss finish, hydrophobic, and self-healing topcoat as our popular DYNOshield PPF but with a 25% thicker TPU base layer. This extra-thick film can best withstand high-speed impacts on your way to the podium or when adventuring through more demanding off-road conditions. DYNOmight isn’t necessary for every daily driver but can be a no-brainer if you want total peace of mind, no matter if you’re on the road, track, or trail. It is also a useful layer of defense against hard wear and tear for your utility vehicles and equipment in all environments. Excite your drive and enjoy the extra peace of mind with our DYNOmight paint protection film.

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DYNOmight Specifications

  • Extremely durable
  • 10 mils thick
  • Self-healing
  • High-gloss Finish
  • Hydrophobic
  • Anti-contaminate and Stain Resistant

10 Year Warranty:
DYNOmight paint protection film is warrantied for 10 Years against delamination, yellowing, bubbling and cracking.

60″ x 50′

Video in collaboration with our friends at Glaswerks DMV.

DYNOmight is a 10mils thick protective film for cars, trucks, SUV’s, off-road UTV’s, ATV’s, MX Motorcycles, and more. Designed to stop your paint from getting damaged as a self-sacrafical layer, the extra thickness of our DYNOmight paint protection film means you can enjoy extra peace of mind no matter where you drive. It’s extremely rare for any debris to puncture through even our 8mil thick DYNOshield PPF, and with our 25% thicker option, DYNOmight, it will be even more difficult. Overtime you can expect to see wear and tear on the films surface, and it can be removed anytime to unveil your prsitine OEM paint. Might is also a hydrophobic film for your vehicles making it easy to wash. DYNOmight is a great film for OEM applications of high-wear areas like wheel wells, side skirts, and rocker panels too.

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