Protect your car from the winter elements

Snow, sleet, hail, wind-blown debris and icy roads have us all yearning for the sun-filled cruises of Spring and Summer. But your car’s paint is missing the comfort the most. Thanks to paint protection films (PPF), you can help your car’s body remain flawless while you head to the slopes or enjoy the tranquility of the winter weather. 

Simply speaking, PPF is a plastic-like material that acts as a self-sacrificial suit of armor for your vehicle. Premium PPF such as the STEK DYNOseries are hydrophobic and self-healing to offer a layer of protection for today’s vehicles. It can be applied to fit the most intricate details of your vehicle’s curves and even protect plastics such as the headlights or mirrors. 

This barrier between your vehicle’s paint and body panels is a crucial component in keeping it looking good in the face of what mother nature and your area’s road department can throw at it. 

Sand, salt or deicer

If you live in an area that gets snowfall, you’re aware of the havoc that snow-removal can have on your cars, trucks or RV. Chips and micro scratches from sanding, rust issues from salt and erosion, or pitting from chemical deicers are all risks. But with PPF’s durability, your paint will remain safe.

STEK PPF is engineered with UV-resistant, anti-yellowing adhesives that securely keep it in place so salt or chemicals can’t get under it and corrode or erode the paint layer. STEK PPF also utilizes a nano ceramic top coat that boasts extreme hydrophobic capabilities to keep snow or salted-melted ice from pooling on the flat areas of your car such as the hood or trunk lid. Hydrophobic PPF is easier to clean and its higher surface tension means ice won’t stick to any protected area.

Having a product that is self healing is extremely crucial for the minor dings and nicks that can occur in rough driving conditions. If an icy road causes you to slide into a hedgerow or branches, the PPF will shrug off those scratches with ease.

If you have PPF and get a minor scratch, quality PPF will self heal with just a bit of time and natural sunlight. If you get a slightly deeper scratch, you can use a heat gun, hair dryer or even hot water on the scratched area and the film will magically return to its flawless state.

If you happen to live in an area that doesn’t get snow, but sees a lot of rain (looking at you Seattle!), then wrapping your headlights with STEK DYNOshade or mirrors wrapped with STEK DYNOshield can keep mud or ice from accumulating thanks to the hydrophobic properties these films offer. 

For navigating the rough and extreme conditions winter driving offers, having PPF between your paint and the elements can be extremely beneficial for your vehicle’s value and showroom shine. But the opportunity to protect your vehicle doesn’t stop there. 

Let the sun in

During winter in the Northern hemisphere, the ultraviolet index (how strong the UV rays are) naturally drops thanks to the Earth’s angle and the protection from the atmosphere. But it’s crucial to still keep your car’s interior protected and that’s where window tint film becomes an important part of protecting your car from Winter. 

By blocking harmful UV rays, you can keep your vehicle’s interior from fading and degrading over time. Window tint films such as STEK NEXseries or ACTIONseries offer efficient thermal heat transfer as well, which can keep heat from your heater inside the cabin, keeping you comfortable and focused on the driving conditions around you. 

For people that enjoy the sunbelt states and warmer climates, having effective window tinting can help reduce glare from the sun or from headlights when you step out for an afternoon coffee and the sun is setting. 

If you’re ready to pull your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle or RV out of the garage for the winter, make sure you protect it from the cold world around it. You can find an installer now or read more about STEK PPF here.

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