How Nano Carbon Window Tint Offers Giga Features

The next time you walk through a parking lot, take a moment to examine the window tint of any vehicles you pass. From a distance, the differences are subtle at best. The color or the tint darkness, for example. 

But it’s when you get close and focus on the details that the differences between different window tint films becomes evident. At STEK, we take a rigorous approach to delivering a product that has superior optical clarity, rugged scratch resistance and a color layer that won’t fade over time. For products like STEK ACTIONseries window tint film, the differences are even more distinct when you get even closer. Like, under a microscope close.

Detailed features at the nanometer level

STEK ACTIONseries window tint film is a premium carbon- window tint that has excellent heat resistance and color stability. ACTIONseries tint is able to deliver high performance at a price point that will appeal to any car owner. It uses the same high-heat resistant PET base layers, high-quality adhesives and attention to detail as other STEK window films. But the high carbon layer protects car interiors from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays and fading from artificial light as well. 

STEK utilizes an intensive manufacturing process that uses high-quality nano-ceramic materials throughout its proprietary high-dispersion process. By using better materials, STEK tints have less haze and remain clearer over the life of the install. So, while ACTIONseries is a nano carbon tint, it delivers a premium performance at many levels. 

STEK ACTIONseries delivers a Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER) of up to 55% and IR rejection of up to 65% with a beautiful gray color tone. And like other STEK window tints, ACTIONseries offers 99% UV rejection, which protects a vehicle’s interior from fading and passengers from cancerous rays.

Solving big problems in the install bay

ACTIONseries is manufactured to the same high standards as the rest of the STEK window film lineup. It offers installers the benefit of being easier to shrink and form to hard-to-fit windows. The high-quality adhesive offers two benefits: It won’t curl like other, inferior, films and it won’t bubble like them either even after years of use. 

From an installer’s perspective, having an economical film that outperforms others in its class is beneficial enough. But coupled with the improved efficiencies in installation along with long-term customer satisfaction, tinting a car with ACTIONseries is a big decision that can satisfy even the most detail-oriented person.

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