What Makes STEK NEXseries the “Coolest?”

Choosing a premium window tint for premium vehicles is a significant challenge. They all claim to block harmful UVa and UVb rays, keep the interior cooler and make impressive performance claims.

But peeling back the layers a bit, it becomes easier to choose a product such as STEK NEXseries to protect your car’s interior. NEXseries is a premium nano ceramic window tint that delivers superior performance through proprietary raw materials and a unique manufacturing process. Plus, STEK stands behind its tint products with a limited lifetime warranty. We can do this because we know that our films can be installed more efficiently with fewer defects, performing for years to come. STEK NEXseries is a premium product for discerning vehicle owners seeking the best in heat rejection performance.

STEK integrates nano ceramic layers into its NEXseries tint films. But STEK also utilizes higher quality PET layers than its competitors, which delivers better optical clarity and less haze.

Putting performance under the microscope 

STEK has created a window tint film that combines high-quality base materials with integrated nanoparticles such as antimony tin oxide (ATO), tungsten, and carbon, which are dispersed throughout NEX’s proprietary structure. These materials are top-notch infrared absorbers, which effectively prevent heat from reaching the window’s interior. 

NEX also contains graphene — an incredibly strong carbon isotope with a hexagonal structure that is one atom thick — which dramatically accelerates the rate of heat dissipation. It has excellent mechanical, physical and chemical properties and is twice as thermally conductive than diamond with the highest thermal conductivity (Against Heat). Its durability is also excellent. 

The use of these nanoparticles leads to a strong film that outperforms other tints in its price range. If you are looking for a premium window tint, NEX is the obvious choice. It’s made that way. 

Quality starts at the factory 

Just like all of the other STEK window tint films, we manufacture NEXseries utilizing high-heat-resistant, optically clear PET and high-quality base materials, including the non-metallic nanoparticles. This enables STEK to put its attention into areas of quality such as shrinkability, clarity and anti-scratch features while other manufacturers focus on reducing costs.

STEK utilizes its deep industry experience in producing a full line of quality paint protective films to guide its manufacturing of its window tint films as well. The emphasis on quality eliminates common manufacturing issues other window tint films have, such as the white spots that are related to both the adhesive and PET layers. 

By emphasizing quality at the factory, installers are freed up to focus on quality at the shop. STEK films have less install defects, offer superior stretchability and won’t bubble or scratch. Installers can keep their customers happy, for life. 

If you’re an installer, you can dig into more technical specifications here and if you’re looking for an installer to get your car looking and feeling cooler, find an installer here now.

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