Announcing the STEK Intro to PPF Training Course

STEK is excited to announce that it is now offering live, in-person paint protective film installation classes. The STEK staff lead installers will guide attendees through an immersive, multi-day course that will teach installation best practices, vehicle prep and how to improve your paint protective film installation business. In order to be an STEK installer, you must complete this course or industry equivalent.

The STEK training will focus on the best practices for installing and handling STEK PPF as well as cover the tools and equipment you need to start up, all the way through how to manage your inventory and build your business. Specifically, here’s how the three-day course is broken out: 

  • Day 1: Tools, Prep, Basic Installation techniques
  • Day 2: Installation techniques, common problem areas, and trimming
  • Day 3: Bulk installation techniques, film handling, film maintenance, and film business

We developed this course utilizing our collective industry knowledge to capture the essential skills that will help a shop be successful.

Hands on training

We are excited to welcome folks into the STEK USA headquarters in the suburbs of Seattle for this course. We’ve built an immersive classroom that enables you to practice beginner and advanced techniques on OEM bumpers and live vehicles so you get the true hands-on experience that you can take back to your shop.

We designed the course with an eye on the needs of today’s installer and geared it toward equipping installers with the know-how to flawlessly install PPF onto any vehicle. We’ll cover the the basics like site prep and more advanced skills like customizing pre-programmed plotter cuts and fixing any potential flaws. 

We’ll show how to manipulate the materials and manage larger cuts with multiple installers. We know that the shop environment is dynamic and we wanted to make sure we capture as close to a real-world environment as possible. 

Learn from the experts, safely

Our team of master installers and business visionaries are excited to share their knowledge with you, regardless of your experience level. We have been piloting this training with real installers and continuously working to improve what we offer. 

Since we are conducting these trainings in person, it also gives you an opportunity to interact and learn from your industry colleagues in a close setting. We are also assuredly following the current COVID-19 guidance to ensure we are keeping our attendees protected. Masks are mandatory, temps are taken and we have enough space in our shop to maintain proper social distancing. 

We’re looking forward to having you and your crew into our shop to share our knowledge and how STEK PPF can be a valuable asset to your business. Sign up now and we’ll see you soon!

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