CleanCut Auto Shield

2740 SE Long St
Unit A
Portland, OR 97202

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Sous and Loren are the founders of CleanCut Auto Shield. Both Sous and Loren have been lead PPF, Ceramic Coating, and Vinyl Wrap installers for other shops in Portland over the last several years. Both are extensively trained, experience, and certified by industry-leading manufacturers. In 2022 Sous and Loren made the decision to start their own automotive protection shop. A shop where they are completely in control of the quality and customer satisfaction, from start to finish… and that is when CleanCut Auto Shield was born. CleanCut Auto is committed to excellence and continued education. We are here to make the industry better and to keep vehicles protected and looking new longer!

  • Offers STEK Fashion Films
  • Offers STEK Clear Paint Protection Film